Capability Statement

Dargo Associates Ltd comprises a group of dedicated engineers and commercial professionals with long experience in coal mining, coal markets and coal contracts.

Coal Fired Power Projects

Dargo Associates Ltd has advised sponsors or lenders in 23 coal fired independent power projects in the last 4 years, ranging in size from 250MW to 1300MW.

Coal Supply Contract Negotiation

Dargo Associates Ltd will negotiate and draft coal supply contracts for FOB, CIF, spot or term contracts and has actively participated in contracts for mine mouth supplies for 30 year term.

Feasibility Studies

Dargo Associates Ltd’s engineers have a considerable experience in the coal mining industry. Due Diligence, mine planning and resource evaluations are undertaken for clients.

Coal Purchase Strategy

Dargo Associates Ltd routinely advises clients on the best coal purchase strategy, given their boiler requirements and coal handling facilities.

Coal Market Intelligence

Dargo Associates Ltd maintains contacts within the coal market and monitors supply and demand. Reports on particular market aspects are regularly prepared for clients.

Breadth of Experience

Dargo Associates Ltd has been involved in projects in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Turkey, Kazakstan, South Africa, Guatemala, Colombia, USA, Kyrgistan, Brazil, Croatia and Bosnia.

Recent Clients